Monday, November 12, 2007


Hey everybody,

My name's Rowan, I'm a tennis fan from Auckland. I'll be going to the WTA and ATP events we have in January, and I've decided to have a go at keeping a blog about what I see. I'm always interested in having a closer look at some of the smaller international tournaments that are held throughout the year, so hopefully others will be too. It's going to be a lot of fun for me anyway.

I'm calling the blog Yellowballin', because tennis balls are yellow (kinda), and ballin' is something that WWE's United States Champion Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP to his intimates) always says. It's cool, trust me.

The action isn't going to kick off until the ASB Classic begins on Monday the 31st of December, but stay tuned, the blog will get underway in earnest real soon.


Photo op! Here's 2007's respective ASB Classic and Heineken Open champions Jelena Jankovic and David Ferrer, in matching purple and white even. They've both had pretty good seasons huh? Go the Auckland champs.


Mike said...

Sounds like an exciting summer.

I hope some of this tennis (and other summer sport) is going to be televised for those of us far away from the big cities who only get TV1, TV2 and TV3.

R.C. French said...

Hey, the ASB Classic and Heineken Open will both be shown live on TV1 during the daytime. Hopefully we'll get some of the summer cricket on terrestrial television as well. Nothing beats cricket on Boxing Day.

Mezzy said...

Not having much of a tennis background I must say, your wrasslin reference made me lawls. Nice looking site in any case.

That and it is always good to hear from you.